These photos of unique frog are going viral on social media

Jan 14 2021 01:24 PM
These photos of unique frog are going viral on social media

There are many unique things in the world. Every day, something comes which makes us surprised. At this time, a bizarre photo is going viral. There is an animal capped on social media. After seeing this animal, people are not able to understand what it is. Now people are discussing over it. No one really knows what this animal is. This photo has been on social media at this time.

If someone is looking at it calls it a shell-less turtle while some calling it as a toy of children made from clay. Nobody is able to understand what it is. If you are surprised to see this, we tell you which animal it is. The photograph has been shared by a biologist and amphibian specialist named Jodi Rowley and has also explained it. She said on her Twitter account that it is a species of frog, called a blunt-headed burrowing frog.

These frogs are found in dry areas around South East Asia. They spend most of their lives underground and come out when the rainy season comes. They live in discussions because of their special form. Due to their shape, it has the ability to store its food and water in your body. Even now people are amazed at this frog.

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