Andhra Pradesh: Hand grenades, three pistols recovered from a youth

Hand grenades were also seized from two youths apprehended by Thana Bhaini Mian Khan police in Gurdaspur. The police have yet to comment, but reports indicate the recovery took occurred in Thana's Bhaini Khan neighbourhood.

Gurdaspur police have ordered inter-district nakas as a result of the warning. Raj Singh alias Shindu's son Fumman Singh and Jasmeet Singh alias Jagga's son Santokh Singh, together with a motorcycle, were apprehended by police at T Point Dhushi Dam Salahpur Bet on Sunday night. The teens were also found with a firearm. In this case, the officers were remanded in custody for four days. On the pursuit of the teenagers, police have confiscated hand grenades from the Bhaini Mian Khan area. Raj Singh alias Shindu, who was detained at Hoshiarpur's Central Jail in connection with the murder case, has been released on bail for the last few days.

It was also found that his cousin Sonu, who lives in Nihlewala Thana Sadar (Ferozepur), was with him. Many charges have already been filed against Sonu and others who have ties to Pakistani traffickers. Sonu was the one who told Pakistani smugglers about Raj and Sonu's son, Abdulpur Thana Tanda resident Gurbachan Singh. Raj Singh was released on bail and called his expert Pakistani smugglers, who assisted him in transporting weaponry and explosives to India. On Saturday, Raj Singh and his accomplice Jasmeet Singh alias Jagga were riding a motorbike from the Gurdaspur side with the intent of causing a disturbance in the region. They were apprehended by Gurdaspur police and prevented from committing a grave crime.

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