Know what to do on Matra Navami of Pitru Paksha

Sep 11 2020 09:53 AM
Know what to do on Matra Navami of Pitru Paksha

Today is the Matra Navami of the Pitru Paksha. This day is considered to have a great and special significance in the Pitru Paksha. On this day all the women of the house are worshipped, who have passed away. It is believed that by performing Shraadh on this day, the blessings of the forefathers are received and all the wishes of the person doing the Shraddha are fulfilled. The Matra Navami of Pitru Paksha is called Saubhagyavati Navami. Apart from this, one gets relief from maternal debt on this day. 

The biggest loan in life is that of a mother. The fourth house, moon and Venus mainly talk about the relationship between the mother and her child. It is said that if Rahu is related to the fourth house moon or Venus in the horoscope, then it should be understood that there is maternal debt. Apart from this, the hardening of the hands and the blackening of the palms also shows maternal debt. If the mother tongue is not rectified, then all kinds of problems arise. For this reason, the rectification of maternal diseases can occur.

It is said that for this, on the day of Matra's Navami, you should bring the material of complete makeup. Keep red sarees, vermilion, bindi and bangles in it. Make a complete meal, the food must contain the items made of Urad. After that, call a woman home with respect and provide her food. Now present them the makeup and take their blessings.

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