Know what is Pitradosh and how is it identified

Sep 13 2019 05:40 PM
Know what is Pitradosh and how is it identified

Let us tell you that Pitrupaksha has started from 13th September i.e. Friday and it will last on 28th September on Ashwin Krishna Paksha Amavasya. During Shraddha Karma, people donate pindadan, tarpan, havan and food for their ancestors. At the same time, it is considered a festival to pay reverence to the ancestors. Now talking about Pitridosh, then the ninth house of a person's horoscope is considered to be the place of ancestors and the Sun in the Navagraha is clearly considered to be the symbol of ancestors. With this, it is said that the person whose sun is sitting in the horoscope with bad planets or the evil planets are seen on the sun, it is said to have Pitradosh. So let us tell you today, in whose horoscope Pitradosh is felt.

Which people find Pitradosh in their horoscope -

1- It is said that according to Garuda Purana, families where people do not worship their ancestors, they get Pitru Dosh.

2- It is said that the Bodhi tree is believed to inhabit the ancestors. In such a situation, it is also prohibited to cut a Bodhi tree or to do wrong under it.
3- It is said that after the death of the father or mother, if the person disrespects the other living family, then the person will be cursed with Pitradosh.

Identify Pitridosh in this way-
- If there is a continuous lack of money in a person's house, then the family is cursed with Pitradosh.
- If there are repeated problems in the marriage of a person at home.
- If there is always an atmosphere of discord in the family.
- If someone is ill all the time in the house.

Remedies for removing Pitra Dosh- If there is Pitra Dosha then do Shraddha Karma on any Amavasya, Purnima or Pitra Paksha or the women of the house go to cook in the kitchen only after bathing daily and should give the first chappati to the cow. 

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