Pind Daan takes place on these altars of Gayadham, know the importance

Sep 19 2019 03:00 PM
Pind Daan takes place on these altars of Gayadham, know the importance

You all know that Pitrupaksha is said to be very important in Hinduism, and if you are going to offer Pind Daan at Pitrupaksha, then let us also tell you that there are 360 shrines offered on altars in the same way. There is also a mention of altars. With this, Pinddaan used to be done on 360 altars of Vishnunagari years ago.

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At the same time, due to encroachment and other reasons, the Pindvedas have also become extinct and now the situation is that there are only 54 altars left here, out of which five are located in the north, 45 in the middle and four altars in the south direction, in the same 54 altars 45 on the Pinddaan and there is a tarpan in nine.

It is said that Kapil Dhara, Brahmayoni, Tarak Brahm, Savitri Kund, Saraswati Sarovar, Gadalol Talab, Ghritkulpa, Madhu Kulpa, Pundarikaksha, etc. used to be Pinddaan till about Chalisa years ago but the ponds have become flat and houses have been built on them. At the same time, due to administrative neglect, these altars have now become history, there is no special attention to the altars that have been left, many of the altars of Hriday Yojana have changed.

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Along with this, the same Gaya Dham altars are currently Pinddaan. The main names among them are Phalgu, Jihwalol, Vishnucharan, sixteen altars located in the Vishnupad temple, Phantasia, Brahmakund, Ramshila, Ramkund, Sitakund, Kakabli, Uttar Manas, Gaya Daitya, Udichi altar, Kankhal. , North Manas, Suryakund, Gadadhar altar, Gaya head, Gaya Koop, Mundpage, Dhaut Pad, etc. Gaya, Godavari lake, Mangalagouri, Vaitarani lake, Brahma lake, Bhima Gaya, Dharma Somewhere, Bodhi tree, Akshayavat where now is Pinddan Vishpupd temple founded 19 altars campus.

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