Do not make these mistakes on Pitru Paksha, read here

Sep 14 2019 06:20 PM
Do not make these mistakes on Pitru Paksha, read here

It has been told in the scriptures of Hinduism that for the 15 days of Shradh i.e. Pitrupaksha our ancestors i.e. those people who have left us, they come to the earth. In such a situation, this time on 13th September, i.e., Shraddh is starting from the last Friday, which will be completed on 28th September. It is said that one should never do such a thing that would make them feel bad.

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In such a situation, one should not do such work which causes any kind of trouble and pain to their soul. Not only this, while worshiping the devotees during these 15 days, special care is also to be taken, some things should never be forgotten, which we are going to tell you today. Today we will tell you what are the things that should be done these 15 days.

It is said that on the day of Pitra Paksha, Brahmins should be fed by making special food and it should definitely have Jamai, Bhanja, Mama, Guru, and grandson. By doing this, ancestors become very happy. At the same time, while giving food to the Brahmins, hold the plate of food with both hands because if you hold the plate with one hand, the portion of the food is offered to the demons, the same should not take the portion of the grain after providing food to the Brahmins.

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It is said that these days one should not misbehave with any creature who comes to the door and must give food to cow, dog, crow and cat before eating daily. With this, these days, by lighting a lamp on the door of the house every day, after meditating on your ancestors, you should pray for happiness.

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