Piyush Mishra slams Ravish Kumar for calling 'The Kashmir Files' propaganda

New Delhi: International Film Festival of India (IFFI) jury head Nadav Lapid made an objectionable statement regarding the film 'The Kashmir Files' based on the gruesome massacre of Kashmiri Hindus in 1990. On this matter, well-known Bollywood actor Piyush Mishra, while praising The Kashmir files, has lashed out at him. Not only this, but Piyush Mishra also lashed out at Naseeruddin Shah and Ravish Kumar for calling this film propaganda.

Keeping his opinion on 'The Kashmir Files', Piyush Mishra said, 'These people have not seen Kashmir. These people do not know Kashmir, they have never been to Kashmir. I had read earlier also when Naseeruddin Shah had said, Ravish Kumar had said that Kashmir Files is incorrect and a propaganda film. Come to me, I will show you documentaries made on the lives of Kashmiri Pandits. Each and every dialogue and incident matches what they themselves have said on camera. Piyush Mishra further said that sitting in AC Studio, Perry Cross Road Bandra, cannot assess India. He said that India is judged when a person comes out, has to see life, and walks in the sun. Piyush Mishra said that whoever does this, only he will like such a film.

Let us tell you that before Piyush Mishra, on Wednesday (November 30), Bollywood actor Anupam Kher shared a video on his YouTube channel. In this, he said about those who called 'The Kashmir Files' a propaganda film, that people are not used to seeing and showing the truth as it is. Kher had said that such people are used to showing off their favorite fragrance, their favorite taste, and their favorite color by decorating them. Anupam Kher had said that 'These people are not able to digest the truth of Kashmir. These people want it to be seen and shown through colorful and happy spectacles. This is what they have been doing for the last 25-30 years.' Today, when 'The Kashmir Files' presented the truth by showing it as it is, then they are having problems.

Kashmiri Hindus have suffered due to radical Islamic terror over the years, Anupam Kher had also said that those who cannot see this horrifying reality, should shut their mouths and close their eyes. And, stop making fun of that fact. Let us tell you that earlier director Vivek Agnihotri, who made Kashmir Files, had also challenged and said that if those who are calling it propaganda, prove even one scene of it to be false, if proven then he will stop making films forever. 

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