Plane had to push, video goes viral

Sometimes it happens to all of us that we have to push the bike or car to the floor. But have you ever pushed the plane? Now, you will say, "What is this?" In fact, in neighbouring Nepal, people are pushing the plane, not the car, but the car. As per the information received, the aircraft belongs to Tara Airlines and the incident of collision took place at Kolti Airport in Bajura. Now, the video of passengers and airport administration personnel pushing the aircraft on the runway is going viral on social media.

In this viral video, it can be clearly seen that a plane is parked on the runway and passengers and security personnel are pushing it so that it can move forward. On the other hand, Nepaljournalist Sushil Bhattarai says the Tara Air plane was parked on the runway after the tyre burst. The aircraft is said to have been parked on the runway, hampering the flight of other aircraft. In such a situation, passengers and security personnel present there had to push the aircraft to resolve the crisis.

Now that the video has gone viral on social media, people are making fun of it. Somebody is saying what a joke it is, someone is saying, 'Hey brother, this is not a truck which was pushed by 10 people together and it slipped away. However, the fact is that it is the fault of nepal's civil aviation authority. Because if such an accident occurs at the airport, the authorities should have the necessary equipment to fix the aircraft.

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