Plant this sacred plant in Pitrpaksha, your life will be blessed

Sep 18 2019 04:20 PM
Plant this sacred plant in Pitrpaksha, your life will be blessed

In Hinduism, Pitrupaksha is said to be the most important and Pitrupaksha has been initiated. In this case, trees and plants are believed to have life and one can feel all kinds of positive and negative powers. In such a situation, some trees are considered to provide only positive energy and some are only negative.

It is said that auspicious trees are inhabited by forefathers and spirits and if auspicious trees are planted in the Pitrupaksha or worship them, then the person gets special blessings of the ancestors. Along with this, the ancestors are also happy. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you which trees can be planted on the ancestral side.

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* It is said that the peepal tree is considered the most sacred in Hinduism. With this, if you worship it in the Pitrupaksha or apply it, then it is auspicious. Along with this, the ancestors are happy by lighting a lamp under it regularly or by offering water to it.

* It is said that the banyan tree is considered to be an age-giving and salvation tree and if there is a problem of age, then the banyan tree should be planted. With this, if it seems that the ancestors have not been liberated, then worshiping Lord Shiva and sitting under the banyan is considered auspicious. It is said that along with this, the banyan tree should also be revolved.

* Actually, the vine tree is very dear to Shiva and this tree can provide salvation. With this, if the vine tree is planted in the Pitrupaksha, then the unquiet soul gets peace, on the same Amavasya, by offering bell letters and Gangajal to Shiva, all the fathers get liberation.

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