Playing conch is beneficial for skin

Dec 08 2018 04:10 PM
Playing conch is beneficial for skin

Most people play conch during the worship. The trend of conch playing in Hinduism is running from the old age. Health can be many benefits by drinking water from the conch or conch shells daily. Do you know that playing a conch can damage many of your beauty problems? 

1- If you are troubled by the problem of wrinkles in your face, then regularly play the conch. Playing the conch leads to muscle strain that removes the problem of wrinkles. 

2- If your face has pimples, screws, black stains, it can be beneficial for you to play conch. To get rid of all these problems, pour water into the conch and leave it for the night. Massage your skin as you wake up in the morning. By doing this, all the problems related to your skin will be removed. 

3- To get rid of problems like allergies, rashes or white stains, massage the skin with conch water. Apart from this, drinking water from the conch also removes all the skin related problems.


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