PM Modi addresses the Indian Diaspora in Munich, Germany

GERMANY: In his speech to the Indian Diaspora on Sunday in Munich, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasised the nation's accomplishments in a short period of time and said that India is eager to fulfill its aspirations. India is now ready for progress and development. India is very much concerned for the fulfillment of its dreams," said PM Modi.

"India of today has moved past the idea that "it happens, it operates this way." India makes a commitment today to complete tasks in a timely manner "the Prime Minister stated. At the Audi Dome in Munich, PM Modi spoke to and engaged with the Indian Diaspora in Germany. The ceremony was attended by thousands of members of Germany's vibrant Indian community, according to a news statement from the Ministry of External Affairs.

He said that India had demonstrated how effectively democracy operates in such a large and diverse nation. "It is extraordinary how millions of Indians have accomplished significant goals in concert. Today, no village in India still practises open defecation "the Prime Minister added.

"Every community in India now has access to power. Today, roads connect practically all Indian villages. In India today, more than 99 percent of residents have access to a gas connection for clean cooking. In India today, the banking system is accessible to every family "PM Modi added. The Prime Minister emphasised India's success story and noted a number of government-led projects that are helping the nation continue its development objective.

The Prime Minister also praised the diaspora's contribution as brand ambassadors for India's success and in promoting the country's success story. "Indians take great pride in their democracy. We may now say with pride that India is the mother of democracy. Our democracy is lively because of the diversity of cultures, foods, outfits, music, and traditions. India has demonstrated that democracy can bring results and has done so "PM Modi said.

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