PM Modi likes only two songs, watched this film on Big-B's request

Today is Prime Minister Narendra Modi's birthday and we have read about his political life many times. So, in his busy schedule, PM Modi watches movies or listens to songs...? These are the questions that come to everyone's mind. In an interview to Akshay Kumar, you may recall that PM Modi answered these questions. Keeping aside the politics, Akshay Kumar asked PM Modi: "Do you watch movies? Which movies are you last seen?'"

"I don't get much chance to watch movies. Amitabh Bachchan came once when I was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. He requested me to watch his film "Pa". Anupam Kher made a film on terrorism, 'Wednesday' I went to see the film with him, but I can't find time now. I don't watch too much, but the song I like is a Jyoti Kalash track," Modi said.

Jyoti Kalash is a track. The 1961 film is 'Bhabhi Ji ki Choodiyan' song sung by Sudhir Fadke and Lata Mangeshkar. On the other hand, Narendra Modi said, "I Like O Pawan Veg Se Udne Wale Ghodhe song very much" The song was performed by Jairaj and Nirupa Roy in the film 'Jai Chittor'. At the same time, PM Modi further said, "I like to listen to old songs,". PM Modi is popular among the Bollywood celebs.

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