Seeing Record Vaccination on his birthday, PM Modi said- 'Every Indian will be proud'

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi's birthday was celebrated yesterday, September 17. Meanwhile, the country set a new record in the vaccination campaign. More than 2.5 crore corona vaccines have been administered for the first time in a day yesterday. According to the information received, the 2.5 crore vaccination figure in the country crossed late in the night. However, the country had earlier touched the 2.25 crore vaccination mark at 9.90 pm. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has now tweeted about this important achievement. He says every Indian is proud of the number of vaccinations. Let me tell you all that according to co-win, two crore people were vaccinated from morning till about 5 pm last morning and this is the first time that so much vaccination has been done in a day.

On the other hand, according to government sources, the government is hoping to have one billion vaccines by mid-October. It is being told that it includes both the first and second dose. On Friday, at 01:40 PM, the one-crore mark was crossed, while it took only 100 minutes to reach 1:50 crore. At the same time, at 3:20, this figure went ahead and after that by 4 pm, the figure of twenty-two crore vaccinations was crossed. At the same time, according to the data, more than 17 lakh people were given doses every hour. Apart from this, 28 thousand people have been vaccinated every minute, while talking about every second, 466 people have been vaccinated. In this regard, the government says that at 9:09 pm on Friday, the figure of two and a half crore vaccines was crossed. Vaccines are being administered at about one lakh sites in the country.

On the record of more than 2 crore vaccinations in a day yesterday, Prime Minister Modi tweeted, "Every Indian will be proud of today's record immunization numbers. I have a knowledge of my doctors, administrators, nurses, health care, and all frontline workers who have worked hard to make the mega vaccination campaign successful. Let us continue to promote vaccination to defeat corona.''

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