PM Modi Government 'Magroor', Not 'Mazboot': Priyanka Vadra

May 16 2019 12:16 PM
PM Modi Government 'Magroor', Not 'Mazboot': Priyanka Vadra

GORAKHPUR: On Wednesday, while addressing peoples gathering in Gorakhpur, the Congress leader Priyanka Vadra hit out at the Narendra Modi government, saying it is not a 'mazboot' (strong) government but a 'magroor' (arrogant) one that harbors an "oppressive" mindset. The Congress leader alleged that people fighting for their rights were put behind bars on charges of being anti-national and were subjected to atrocities. Priyanka Vadra claimed that no development works were carried out in Varanasi, the constituency represented by PM Modi.

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She drew a quick comparison between the work done in Amethi by her father and that by PM Modi in his Varanasi constituency. "PM Modi has lost his connect with people. He has a 56-inch chest then why the condition of farmers in the country is pathetic. You might have seen him in China, Japan and in Pakistan enjoying Biryani but have you ever seen him visiting a poor man's house when he is in problem?" the Congress general secretary said.

"Modi government is not mazboot but a magroor one. The mindset of the government is oppressive. The examples of their arrogance are there in speeches given by its leaders everyday. Under democracy, the actual power is in the hands of the people but the Modi government has kept it in its hands," the Congress leader alleged.

Priyanka Vadra said the BJP government talks about development but its development can be seen only in advertisements.

"I began my campaign with Ganga Yatra and reached Varanasi. I was under the impression that there will be huge development in Varanasi but there were deep ditches on the road and development was nowhere to be seen," she claimed.

"When I went to Amethi, I was just 10 years old and my father (Rajiv Gandhi) was an MP with the Congress having its government both at the Centre and state. Within five years, I saw huge development there," she said.

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