PM Modi inaugurates Rs 980 crore Sudarshan Setu at Dwarkadhish temple
PM Modi inaugurates Rs 980 crore Sudarshan Setu at Dwarkadhish temple

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Dwarka city of Gujarat on Sunday. During this tour, he participated in many important events, including the inauguration of the Sudarshan Bridge, worship at the submerged Dwarka city and darshan at the Dwarkadhish temple.

Inauguration of Sudarshan Bridge:

Prime Minister Modi inaugurated Sudarshan Setu, a bridge connecting Okha mainland to Bet Dwarka Island. The bridge is 2.32 kilometers long and is the longest cable-supported bridge in the country. Built at a cost of Rs 980 crore, this bridge depicts verses from the Bhagavad Gita and the character of Lord Krishna. Solar panels have also been installed on the bridge which will produce one megawatt of electricity.

Worship in submerged Dwarka:

PM Modi went into the deep sea and worshiped at the place where the submerged Dwarka city is believed to be. It was a rare and profound experience that showed his connection with the spiritual and historical roots of India. The city of Dwarka is closely associated with Lord Krishna and has been a center of grandeur and prosperity.

Darshan in Dwarkadhish Temple:

PM Modi visited Dwarkadhish temple and worshiped Lord Krishna. He spent a lot of time in the temple complex and experienced the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of Dwarka.

Prime Minister Modi's visit to Dwarka was a confluence of devotion, development and history. He gave a great gift to the devotees in the form of Sudarshan Setu, expressed his reverence for the ancient heritage of India, and connected with the rich culture and history of Dwarka.

Some highlights of this tour:

  • Inauguration of Sudarshan Setu, the longest cable-supported bridge in the country.
  • Puja in submerged Dwarka, which shows PM Modi's connection with India's spiritual and historical roots.
  • Darshan and worship of Lord Krishna in Dwarkadhish temple.

This visit was a symbol of Prime Minister Modi's devotion and dedication towards Dwarka and India.

Other than this:

  • Sudarshan Setu will make the journey to Dwarka easy and convenient for the devotees.
  • PM Modi's worship in submerged Dwarka shows his reverence for India's ancient heritage and culture.
  • The darshan and worship at Dwarkadhish temple gave PM Modi an opportunity to connect with the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of Dwarka.

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