PM Modi Invites University Students to G20 University Connect Finale

New Delhi: On Sunday, September 24, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended a special invitation to individuals, particularly university students and young professionals aspiring to further their education, to attend the grand finale of the G20 University Connect event at Bharat Mandapam on September 26. Bharat Mandapam had recently hosted the prestigious G20 Summit.

Taking to LinkedIn, he expressed that over the past year, the G20 University Connect initiative had successfully united India's youth in a year-long endeavor that yielded highly gratifying results. It served as a global testament to the emergence of our youth as vibrant cultural ambassadors, firmly establishing enduring connections within the G20 community.

He emphasized, "It has also empowered the youth with insights into India's G20 Presidency, the key themes we have championed during our tenure, fostering a sense of collective responsibility toward our planet, and preparing our youth to actively contribute to a developed India by 2047."

The G20 University Connect initiative has hosted numerous programs under its umbrella, he noted, with active participation from higher education institutions across India. What initially started as a program for universities soon expanded to encompass schools and colleges, thereby reaching a broader audience.

One remarkable event under this initiative was the 'Model G20 Meeting,' where students from 12 different nations, including representatives from 10 G20 countries, convened to deliberate on the theme "Youth for LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment)," as highlighted by Modi.

"During the special G20 University Connect program, I am enthusiastic about learning from the experiences of our Yuva Shakti (Youth Power). Their enriching journey is sure to kindle inspiration among the youth of our nation. I particularly encourage all the young individuals to participate in this exceptional endeavor," he urged.

In his Mann ki Baat broadcast earlier in the day, the Prime Minister disclosed his intention to actively engage with college students during this program.

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