PM Modi meets Biden after Quad Summit, discusses key issues including Ukraine war

New Delhi: Soon after the Quad Leaders Summit, PRIME Minister Narendra Modi met US President Joe Biden in Tokyo on Tuesday. This meeting marks the continuation of their regular dialogue after the talks were held in virtual mode recently on April 11. In the bilateral meeting, PM Modi said, "The strategic partnership between India and the UNITED STATES is truly a trust partnership. Our common interests in many areas have strengthened this trust relationship. There is also a steady expansion in trade and investment between us. However, it's far below our strength. '

Pm Modi said, "I am sure that the 'India-USA Investment Incentive Agreement' between us will see strong progress in the direction of the investor. We are enhancing our bilateral cooperation in the field of technology and are also coordinating on global issues. Us President Joe Biden told PM Modi, "I am happy that we are renewing the India-US vaccination programme. He said he is committed to taking the India-US partnership forward. Biden said he was committed to making the India-US partnership one of the closest partnerships on earth.

Biden further said, "Prime Minister, our countries can and will do a lot more together. "I am committed to making our U.S.-India partnership the closest partnership on earth. Referring to the Ukraine war, Biden said, "We also brainstormed on the ongoing effects of Russia's brutal and non-just invasion of Ukraine and its impact on the entire world order." The US and India will continue to closely consult on how to mitigate these negative effects. '

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