PM Modi- Country's economy has regained momentum

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said the country's economy is picking up pace again after the corona pandemic and it is a reflection of the government's decisions in the economic sphere and the strong foundation of the country's economy. Addressing a webinar on the theme 'Financing for Growth and Aspirational Economy,' PM Modi said that this time's General Budget has taken several steps to continue the development at a fast pace. 

PM Modi further said that 'By encouraging foreign capital inflows, reducing tax on infrastructure investment, creating institutions like National Infrastructure and Investment Fund (NIIF), GIFT City and New Financial Development Institute (DFI), we have helped financial and economic development. Tried to give fast pace. PM Modi further said that the country's commitment towards the widespread use of digital technology in finance is now reaching the next level and in this sequence, the establishment of 75 digital banking units in 75 districts and central bank digital currency reflects the vision of the government.

PM Modi further said that the participation of economic institutions is important in the priority of the country to accelerate the progress of India of the 21st century. Referring to the 'Self-Reliant India Campaign,' PM Modi said that there is a need to brainstorm on our country's dependence on other countries to minimise and what different models of financing projects related to it can be created.

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