PM Modi- Previous governments keep people in darkness

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi today handed over the gift of Jewar International Airport to Uttar Pradesh. He laid the foundation stone of Jewar Airport. Addressing a public meeting, PM Modi said that earlier governments used to make only announcements, but we do not. He said that earlier there used to be a tug of war in Delhi and Lucknow. PM Modi also said that previous governments kept people in the dark.

PM Modi said that during previous governments, the land was taken from farmers, but they either had compensation problems or the land remained idle for years. We also removed these obstacles in the interest of farmers, in the interest of the country. We ensured that the administration purchased land from farmers on time and have since moved forward to worship the 30,000 crore project.

PM Modi said that the facility of quality infrastructure is being ensured. Today the dream of common people to travel by air is also being fulfilled. I am happy that in Uttar Pradesh alone, flights have started from 8 airports in the last years, work is still going on on many. Some political parties in our country have always kept their self-interest paramount. These people are thinking of their selfishness, they used to consider their family as development. While we follow the principle of the nation first. Everyone's cooperation, everyone's development, everyone's faith, everyone's effort, this is our mantra.

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