PM Modi addressed NASSCOM's NTLF event
PM Modi addressed NASSCOM's NTLF event

India's PM Narendra Modi is addressing the NTLF today. Meanwhile, PM Modi also said that the utility of the IT sector, how digital technology has reduced the distance between the government and the common man. PM Modi said that the more digital transactions are happening, the more the sources of black money are becoming less.

Prime Minister Modi said that the solutions provided by the IT sector have made the government and digital technology connection and also has connected us with the common man. Today the data has also been democratized and the last mile service has also come into effect. PM Modi said that hundreds of government services are being delivered online. Along with this, there is relief from corruption as well.

Describing technology as the key to transparency in the functioning of the government, Prime Minister Modi said that in projects related to our infrastructure or the homes of the poor, every project is being tagged so that they have been completed on time. Even today, drones are being mapped in villages, in cases related to tax, the human interface is reducing.

Prime Minister Modi said in his address, "This time this forum is very special because this is a time when the world is looking more towards India. India's knowledge of science and technology has not only proved itself among the covid but has also developed. There was a time when we also depended on others for smallpox vaccines, and there is a time when we are giving the covid vaccine to the world. The formulas we have given during covid are an inspiration for the whole world. India's IT industry has done wonders."

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