PM Modi said in Himachal Rising,
PM Modi said in Himachal Rising, "The speed of industries stops due to unnecessary interference of the government"

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi has said at the Global Investor Meet 2019 held at Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh that the Global Investors Summit in Dharamshala, it sounds a bit strange to hear but it is not a fantasy, it is a reality. Congratulations to all of you for this. It is a direct message of Himachal Pradesh to the country and the world that we too have now geared up.

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PM Narendra Modi has said that it is important for the investor to get the appropriate ecosystem, get relief from Inspector Raj. These days, governments are coming out in the competition to build this ecosystem. Good healthy competition is seen among the states. Unnecessary interference of rules and regulations and government reduce the pace of growth of industries somewhere.

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PM Narendra Modi said that "I am happy that Himachal Pradesh government is also working with this thinking. Arrangements are made easier by taking the state initiative". PM Narendra Modi has said that the laws are changing, steps are being taken to eliminate the non-essential rules. As much as this competition will increase in the states, our industries will also become powerful on the global platform.

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