PM Modi said in the new Parliament building- 'Today's date is an indelible signature on the frontal of history'

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday inaugurated the new Parliament building in New Delhi. On this occasion, PM Modi said, 'In the development journey of every country, there are some moments that become immortal forever. Some dates become an indelible signature of history at the frontal of time. May 28, 2023 is one such auspicious day. The country is celebrating 75 years of Independence as it celebrates the Amrut Mahotsav, on this occasion the country has received this new Parliament building as a gift. An all-religion prayer was held in Parliament House this morning. I congratulate all the countrymen for this. It is not just a building, it is a reflection of 140 crore Indians. '

PM Modi said that new records are made only by walking on new paths. Today, new India is charting new paths with new goals. He said that there is a new enthusiasm, new enthusiasm, new journey. There is a new thinking, a new direction, a new vision. Resolve is new, faith is new. The population of the country that this Parliament represents, the fate of those who stop, the fate of those who move touches the heights, so keep going, keep going. After slavery, India had lost a lot and started a new journey. That journey was full of many ups and downs, overcoming many challenges, that journey has reached the elixir of independence. This elixir of freedom is the elixir of giving a new direction to the country, it is the elixir of fulfilling innumerable fears. Only a free land needs a new vow, a new resolve for a new festival. Therefore, this workplace that makes India's future bright should also be equally new, modern. 

"The new India of the 21st century is an India that has grown up with great courage. Now he is leaving that thinking of slavery behind. Today, India is once again turning that glorious stream of ancient art towards itself. The new Parliament building is a living example of this effort. Today, every Indian is filled with pride seeing the new Parliament House. This building also has heritage, architecture, art and skill. It also has culture and the tone of the Constitution. The interior of the Rajya Sabha is based on the national flower lotus. Banyan is also our national tree in the courtyard of Parliament. It has accommodated the different diversity of our country. In every particle of this building, we get the vision of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat." This Parliament building gave employment to 60,000 labourers. They have shed their sweat for this building. A digital gallery dedicated to their labour has also been created in Parliament. His contribution to the construction of Parliament has also become immortal. If any expert assesses the last 9 years, then you will find that 9 years in India have been of innovation and welfare of the poor. We are proud of the new building. There is also the pride of building houses for 4 crore poor people in 9 years. Today, when we are raising our heads high after seeing this magnificent building, I am also satisfied with the 11 crore toilets built in the last 9 years, which protected the dignity of women, raised their heads high. Today, when we are talking about facilities, in the last nine years, more than 4 lakh kilometers of roads have been built to connect villages. 

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