PM Modi said this big thing about the space sector

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi is addressing the 90th episode of the 'Mann Ki Baat' programme on Sunday. Due to this, he is referring to the suggestions received from the countrymen. Prime Minister Modi referred to the days of the 1975 disaster.

At the same time, he also discussed the space sector and startups and said, "Today when our India is touching the sky of success in so many sectors, how can the sky, or space, remain untouched by it! In the recent past, many big works related to the space sector have taken place in our country. One of these successes of the country is the creation of an agency called In-Space. An agency that, in the space sector, is promoting new opportunities for India's private sector. This beginning has especially attracted the youth of our country.''

At the same time, he said that till a few years ago, in our country, in the space sector, no one even thought about start-ups. Today their number is more than a hundred. All these start-ups are working on such ideas, which were either not thought about earlier, or were considered impossible for the private sector. Talking about startups, he said, ''Chennai and Hyderabad have two start-ups – Agnikul and Skyroot. These start-ups are developing launch vehicles that will take small payloads into space. With this, the cost of Space Launching is estimated to be very low.''

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