Pm Modi says, 'Dev Tulya Logan Ke Pranam Karte Bani', after giving a gift to Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in Gorakhpur today. Here, he has given a big gift to Gorakhpur. He has inaugurated gorakhpur manure factory, AIIMS and Medical Regional Research Centre by pressing the button here. Let me tell you all that many of these schemes are worth about Rs.9600 crores. With this, production of urea started at Gorakhpur fertilizer factory. Here people saw neem coated urea on the screen. The Prime Minister is now delivering a speech. He started his speech in Bhojpuri. Speaking on the occasion, he said, "The wait for manure factories and AIIMS is now over. '

In the beginning of his speech, PM Modi said - 'The city of religion, spirituality and revolution has been done by paying homage to the God-like people of Gorakhpur. Many salutes to this holy earth. All of you have been waiting for a long time for Jovne Fertilizer Factory and AIIMS, today that time has come. Many congratulations to all of you.

The PM further said, "When I came on stage, I thought it was a crowd, but when I looked on the other side, people are spreading so far and waving flags that i can't even say anything. Your love and blessings inspire you to work day and night. Earlier, I came to lay the foundation stone in 2016. The regional centre of ICMR also found its building today. Friends, the commissioning of fertilizer plant and AIIMS in Gorakhpur is sending a number of messages. When there is a double engine government, the work is done twice as fast, even disasters do not create obstacles. Then there is hard work and results. Today's gorakhpur event is also proof that when New India is determined, nothing is impossible for it. Pm Modi's address is still underway.

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