PM Modi speaks openly about Coalition, NRC and 2019 Election Strategies

Aug 12 2018 01:38 PM
PM Modi speaks openly about Coalition, NRC and 2019 Election Strategies

Prime Minister Narendra Modi openly expresses his views on various issues related to the relationship with NRC, employment, mob violence, alliance, Rahul Gandhi, Mamta Banerjee and Pakistan. Speaking on various issues including Prime Minister Modi's Lok Sabha election, misuse of social media, education of youth and employment. He expressed concern over the serious issues while being confident about the positive developments in the country. At the same time, he considered mob violence as a serious crime and said that it is a heinous crime. PM Modi openly spoke on various issues in his interview to the news agency ANI. 
In view of the Lok Sabha elections, the prime minister described the alliance with the Opposition as an opportunistic alliance and said that its breaking up is decided. It is just to see that this alliance breaks before elections or later. At the same time, he also said that 2019 is under BJP and that the BJP will win with record-breaking seats.  

It has been clarified for the first time on NRC in Assam that no Indian citizen will have to leave the country. Those persons whose names are not in this list will be given an opportunity to prove their citizenship. PM Modi said, "I want to assure that no citizen of India will have to leave the country. People will be given all possible opportunities under the process."

Talking about the criticism of the Opposition on the issue of employment, the PM claimed that, in the last one year, more than one crore jobs were given, so accusation about unemployment must definitely be closed.

Along with this, he described the growing crime against women and the incidents of mob violence them as unfortunate and said that this is a heinous crime and it is a case on which all political parties should rise above politics to ensure peace and unity in the society.

PM Modi also advised Congress president Rahul Gandhi and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and said their decision would be in the public's court. At the same time, everyone spoke differently about Rahul Gandhi's embrace during the non-confidence motion, but when asked about the prime minister's own assessment, Prime Minister Modi said, "It is up to you to decide that this was a childish act or something else. If you can not make a decision then you will get the answer through Rahul's expression.

The PM also said positively about change in power in Pakistan and the government that is formed under the leadership of Imran Khan . He expresseKhan. that under the leadership of Imran Khan, Pakistan will move forward towards peace, security and lasting harmony and will be free from violence and terrorism.



On the question of coalition partners losing their trust in the BJP, Prime Minister Modi said that the answer to this question comes from the recent two incidents. The discussion on the motion of no confidence in the Lok Sabha and the election of the Deputy Speaker in the Rajya Sabha, the outcome of these two events clearly indicates which coalition is strong and which is failing.

All these parties had a lot of opportunity to prove themselves, but they remained busy in corruption, mismanagement and misrule. Now they know that their caste, class, community and religion can not stand with chemistry of electoral development.

The Prime Minister said, the public has chosen the BJP to fulfill its aspirations in elections and state-wise elections in the state. The public clearly recognizes the difference between these parties and the BJP. The alliance is happening not for the aspirations of the public, but for the personal ambitions. The MOU is to get pure power polymics, not for mandate. 

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