PM Modi to launch 10 New Vande Bharat Express Trains: A Boost to Rail Connectivity Across India
PM Modi to launch 10 New Vande Bharat Express Trains: A Boost to Rail Connectivity Across India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi set to launch 10 new Vande Bharat Express trains today: Here's what you need to know:-

Expanding the Vande Bharat network- Today's inauguration adds 10 more Vande Bharat Express trains, bringing the total to an impressive 51 trains covering 45 routes across India. Among these routes, we'll see double Vande Bharat service on routes like Kasaragod–Thiruvananthapuram, Delhi to Katra, Mumbai-Ahmedabad, Delhi to Varanasi, Mysuru-Chennai, and the latest addition, Visakhapatnam–Secunderabad.

Jharkhand's third Vande Bharat Express -Jharkhand, too, gets a new addition to its Vande Bharat fleet. Already running between Ranchi and Patna since June 27, 2023, and Ranchi and Howrah since September 24, 2023, a new train connecting Ranchi to Varanasi will commence operations on March 18.

Highlights of connectivity - Delhi emerges as a hub with 10 Vande Bharat connections, now linked to Amb Andaura, Amritsar, Ayodhya, Bhopal, Dehradun, and Khajuraho. Mumbai follows closely with six connections, while Chennai boasts five. Mysuru is also gearing up for its second Vande Bharat service.

Expanding routes - The new Vande Bharat tracks will stretch from Dehradun to Lucknow, Patna to Lucknow, and New Jalpaiguri to Patna. Additionally, Bhubaneswar will be linked to Visakhapatnam, Kalaburagi to Bengaluru, Ranchi to Varanasi, and Khajuraho to Delhi. Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Secunderabad, Visakhapatnam, Bengaluru, and Chennai will all receive a second set of Vande Bharat trains.

Confirmation from Railway Manager- Saurabh Prasad, the Divisional Railway Manager of Waltair Division, confirmed the addition of two new Vande Bharat Express trains. One will operate between Visakhapatnam and Bhubaneswar, and the other between Visakhapatnam and Secunderabad, supplementing existing services on those routes.

Extension of existing routes -In addition to new trains, some existing routes will be extended. Thiruvananthapuram-Kasargod will extend to Mangaluru, Ahmedabad-Jamnagar to Dwarka, Gorakhpur-Lucknow to Prayagraj, and Ajmer-Delhi to Chandigarh.

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