PM Modi urges all eligible children to get vaccinated

New Delhi: India Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday urged children to get vaccinated, as India's COVID-19 immunisation programme expanded to children aged 12 to 14, while those over 60 became eligible for a prophylactic dosage.  Beginning today, children aged 12 to 14 will receive the Corbevax vaccine developed by Hyderabad-based Biological E.

Meanwhile, the co-morbidity requirement for delivering precaution doses to persons over the age of 60 has been abolished, and anyone over the age of 60 can be given a precaution dose beginning today.

"Today is a significant day in India's efforts to immunise its populace. From now on, children aged 12 to 14 are eligible for immunizations, and anyone over the age of 60 is eligible for precaution doses. I strongly advise everyone in these age ranges to get vaccinated "The Prime Minister took to Twitter.

PM Modi also stated that India's immunisation campaign is supported by "science." "India's immunisation campaign, which is the world's largest, is based on science. In early 2020, we began developing vaccines to protect our citizens and bolster our fight against the pandemic "He said.

In a series of tweets, the Prime Minister shared the journey of India's vaccination push, recalling that he had visited three vaccine factories in late 2020 to acquire first-hand information before the immunisation drive began in January 2021.

"It is commendable that our scientists, innovators, and commercial sector rose to the situation. I visited three of our vaccine makers in late 2020 and learned directly about their efforts to protect our population "According to the Prime Minister. "We started our immunisation drive for doctors, healthcare workers, and frontline workers in January 2021. The goal was to ensure that people at the vanguard of the fight against COVID had suitable protection as soon as possible "He said.

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