PM Modi will meet Chinese President tomorrow
PM Modi will meet Chinese President tomorrow

Beijing: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached China's Shi'eman city to participate in the BRICS countries conference. Last night, he met the Indian community there. PM Modi may meet Chinese President Jinping tomorrow on Tuesday. The special thing is that when Modi's arrival, the slogans of Bharat Mata Ki Jai on the Chinese soil began to appear.

The importance of the slogan of Bharat Mata Ki Jai on China's land is also high, because this conference is happening right after the end of the Dokalam conflict between India and China. At the conference, everyone will be focused on the meeting of PM Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The issue of terror will also rise in China:

Prime Minister Modi arrived in China's Xiamen city yesterday to participate in the ninth summit of BRICS. The eighth summit of BRICS was held in Goa, which India had presided over. At the Goa Summit, India's strategy of enclosing Pakistan-backed terrorism was very successful and in China, this issue is likely to be raised.

However, due to his very close relationship with Pakistan, China will make every effort to ensure that there is no such thing on the issue of terrorism in the resolution passed in its hosting Summit, which would put Pakistan in the dock. Yet India believes that China will not be able to stop it from talking about the issue of terrorism.

China's President Xi Jinping had yesterday raised the issue of terrorism in the BRICS Business Forum meeting, but he also came looking for a way to protect Pakistan by mentioning its causes with terrorism.

Jinping said yesterday, "I am confident that if we look at the fight against terrorism in its overall form and focus on its symptoms as well as the basic reasons, then terrorists will not be able to hide anywhere."

Modi to leave Myanmar after China:

Apart from these issues, there is also the possibility of a discussion on the condition of stress caused by North Korea's hydrogen bomb test at the BRICS conference. Prime Minister Modi will be staying in Shi'aman tomorrow till September 5 to participate in the BRICS Summit, after which he will be leaving for Myanmar.


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