PM Modi attacked India, said- 'Like Gandhiji's three monkeys ...'
PM Modi attacked India, said- 'Like Gandhiji's three monkeys ...'

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi is on a tour of West Bengal today. This visit of the Prime Minister has taken place at a time when there is tension going on in the state between BJP and TMC over Sandeshkhali. The Prime Minister fiercely attacked the opposition alliance 'INDIA'. He has said that the leaders of Indi alliance are silent on Sandeshkhali. The whole country is saddened by this. He has even accused the leaders of the India Alliance of closing their eyes, ears, nose and mouth like Gandhiji's three monkeys.

Prime Minister Modi has said that TMC has promoted atrocities and corruption in West Bengal. Keeping his point, the PM has said that amidst these achievements of the country, the entire country is also watching the situation of Bengal. The whole country is sad and angry after seeing what TMC, which beats the drum of Maa, Mati, Manush, has done to the sisters of Sandeshkhali.

Taking his point forward, Prime Minister Modi has said that Mamata Didi and TMC people will do whatever they can to save the accused. The BJP people faced lathicharge and trouble for the women and the accused even had to be taken into custody under this pressure. This criminal leader of TMC remained absconding for almost two months. There must be someone who keeps saving them. The PM asked the people present there, 'Can you forgive such TMC?'

'You should be ashamed' Modi said to CM Mamata: Continuing his point, PM Narendra Modi has said that "Will you take revenge for what happened to mothers and sisters or not? The people of Bengal are asking CM Didi. Has the vote of some people become more important to you, Mamata Didi, than the women of Bengal? You should be ashamed." The PM has also said, "The leaders of the Indi alliance were keeping their eyes, nose, ears, nose and mouth closed on Sandeshkhali, like Gandhiji's three monkeys."

'TMC has committed scams': Not only this, Prime Minister Modi has said, "The only task left for the Indi alliance is to support the corrupt family members and appeasers. TMC has created a new model of tyranny in West Bengal. TMC has committed a scam in the recruitment of primary teachers here. It has committed a scam in the municipality recruitment. It has also committed a scam in giving ration to the poor. This is the truth of the Indi alliance towards Congress.

'She considers Modi as enemy number one': Taking his point forward, PM Modi has said that whether it is forcibly occupying the land of the poor or smuggling of animals on the border. TMC has not left any area for corruption. That's why piles of notes are coming out from the houses of TMC ministers. The government here is also adopting every tactic to stop the central investigating agencies. The CM here sits on a dharna and wants that she should get a chance to loot the central projects openly and Modi is not allowing her to do so, hence she considers Modi as her enemy number one.



'Will mislead people', Congress MP said on PM's visit : Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Choudhary also reacted on PM Narendra Modi's visit to West Bengal and said, "Prime Minister Modi has said that he is doing electoral tourism. Now electoral tourism He will roam around the country posing as a tourist. He is on an election tour. He will present a bundle of lies in front of the people of Bengal. He will mislead the people."

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