PM Modi's Special Tribute to 'Team G20' with Grand Dinner for 3,000 Persons

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, following the resounding success of the G20 Summit hosted in the nation's capital earlier this month, is preparing to extend his heartfelt appreciation and recognition to the dedicated individuals that constituted the formidable 'Team G20'. This exceptional gesture is a testament to the Prime Minister's appreciation for the immense contributions made by this team, which worked tirelessly to ensure the Summit's success.

In a grand event planned for this purpose, PM Modi will engage in an exclusive interaction with the unsung heroes who toiled relentlessly behind the scenes. This gathering will be graced by the venerable 73-year-old leader himself, who will not only address the attendees but also convey his personal gratitude.

Following this interactive session, a sumptuous grand dinner awaits, hosting approximately 3,000 individuals who played pivotal roles during the G20 Summit. These distinguished guests will predominantly comprise the unsung champions of the grassroots level, including janitors, chauffeurs, servers, and personnel from various ministries. Their unwavering dedication and tireless efforts were indispensable in ensuring the seamless execution of this monumental event.

In a remarkable display of appreciation, ministers and officials from diverse departments will also grace this occasion with their presence, further underscoring the significance of 'Team G20' and their remarkable contributions.

Additionally, PM Modi's grand dinner will not overlook the crucial role played by security personnel in safeguarding the event. Reports indicate that approximately 250 individuals, including some from the Delhi Police, will be in attendance. These security personnel, hailing from different ranks and representing various units, will be honored for their exemplary commitment to ensuring the flawless execution of G20 preparations. Their names were thoughtfully shared with the Prime Minister's Office by the office of the Police Commissioner, highlighting their invaluable role in the success of the Summit.

In another diplomatic stride, Prime Minister Modi has extended a cordial invitation to U.S. President Joe Biden as the Chief Guest for the Republic Day celebrations on January 26, 2024. This noteworthy invitation was graciously offered by PM Modi during their bilateral meeting, held on September 8, coinciding with the G20 Summit in Delhi. This significant gesture strengthens diplomatic ties and signifies the importance of global cooperation on this momentous occasion.

Prime Minister Modi's upcoming event to honor 'Team G20' is a testament to his profound appreciation for the dedicated individuals who worked tirelessly to ensure the G20 Summit's success. It underscores the importance of recognizing the unsung heroes who often operate behind the scenes to make such global events possible and reaffirms India's commitment to fostering international relationships.

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