PM Modi appealed this to people on his birthday

Sep 18 2020 08:43 AM
PM Modi appealed this to people on his birthday

New Delhi: The entire nation celebrated PM Modi's 70th birthday on 17 September. He was greeted on this occasion by the leaders of many countries of the world including India. Prime Minister Modi tweeted late night and expressed his gratitude for the congratulations and best wishes received from people all over India and around the world. He said that these greetings are giving me more power to work towards improving the lives of my fellow citizens.

In his tweet, Prime Minister Modi said in a special appeal to the people - 'Since many have asked, what is it that I want for my birthday, here is what I seek right now: Keep wearing a mask and wear it properly. Follow social distancing. Remember ‘Do Gaj Ki Doori.’ Avoid crowded spaces. Improve your immunity. Let us make our planet healthy.'.

US President Donald Trump congratulated: US President Donald Trump also congratulated Prime Minister Modi on his 70th birthday. Trump wrote, tweeting that I wish the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi on his 70th birthday. Prime Minister Modi is a great leader and a reliable friend.

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