PM Modi launches new tax platform through video conferencing

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi often talks about honest taxpayers and also praises them. This time he has even arranged to give respect to honest taxpayers. In this sequence, PM Modi is launching a tax program today, called Transparent Taxation i.e. Transparent Tax System. During this, PM Modi said, 'Honest taxpayer of the country plays a huge role in nation building. When the life of honest taxpayer of the country becomes easy, it moves forward, then the country also develops, the country also moves forward. '

PM Modi said that new arrangements, new facilities, minimum government, minimum government, starting today, strengthen our commitment to maximum governance. This is a big step in the direction of reducing the interference of the government from the life of the countrymen. Today, every rule and law, every policy is taken out of the process and power centric approach and the emphasis is on making it people centric and public friendly. This is the use of the new governance model of the new India and the country is getting happy results.

He said that now the atmosphere is becoming in the country to do all the work while keeping the sense of duty paramount. The question is, how is change coming? Does it just come strictly? Did it come just from punishment? No, not at all. There was a time when we used to talk a lot about Reforms here. Sometimes some decisions were taken under compulsion, sometimes some decisions were made under pressure, then it was called Reform. Due to this, the intended results were not available. Now both this thinking and approach have changed.

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