When will Corona's vaccine be available? PM Modi meets scientists

Jun 30 2020 03:30 PM
When will Corona's vaccine be available? PM Modi meets scientists

New Delhi: PM Modi will address the country at four o'clock on Tuesday evening. Everyone is waiting for PM's address, before this, PM Modi held a big meeting today to make Coronavirus vaccine. The work of making Coronavirus vaccine is going on in the country and many agencies are engaged in this work.

Today, PM Modi has held a high-level meeting on this issue, in which many top officials and scientists of the country participated. The work of research and research on the vaccine is going on with the help of the Government of India. Earlier, PM Modi also gave some funds from PM Cares for the research of the vaccine. In this meeting, PM Modi asked the officials to prepare the vaccine on time with the help of technology and how the vaccine will be made in a large number.

Earlier, a good news has come about the Corona vaccine. The first vaccine of Coronavirus in India has been prepared. It has been made by Bharat Biotech. The good news is that this vaccine has been allowed to try on humans. Bharat Biotech has been given this permission by the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) on Monday.

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