PM interacts with district magistrates

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi on Saturday interacted virtually with district collectors of various districts and took stock of the progress of implementation of central government schemes in their districts. PM Modi said that when the aspirations of others become their aspirations when fulfilling the dreams of others becomes a measure of their success, then that path of duty creates history.

PM Modi said that today we see this history being created in the aspirational districts of the country. He said that today aspirational districts are eliminating the barrier of the country moving forward. With the efforts of all of you, aspirational districts are becoming dynamic instead of deadlocks today. PM Modi said, "People in life work day and night for their aspirations and also fulfil them in some quantities. Convergence is a major reason for the success that the country is getting in the aspirational district. All resources are the same, the government machinery is the same, the officers are the same, but the results are different.''

The PM further said, "On the one hand, the budget continued to grow, schemes were made, economic growth continued in the figures, but still after 75 years of independence, many districts in the country remained behind. Over time, these districts were tagged with backward districts. Districts that were once considered to be fast-paced, today, in many parameters, these aspirational districts are also doing a better job. The Chief Ministers also believe that the aspirational districts have done a great job in their districts.''

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