PM Modi to address high-level dialogue at UN on June 14

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi will address a high level virtual programme on desertification, land degradation and drought in the United Nations (UN) next week. The event is being organized by the Head of the UN General Assembly. According to a media advisory issued by the Office of the General Assembly President, Modi, president of the 14th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCDC COP), is scheduled to address the high-level event organized by Volcan Bozkir, president of the 75th session of the General Assembly, on June 14.

"Land is the foundation of our society and is the cornerstone of global food security and environmental health, eradication of hunger, poverty alleviation and affordable energy," the consultation said. It underlines the success of the entire agenda of 2030 for sustainable development. Pm Modi had inaugurated the high level 14th session of UNCCD COP in New Delhi in September 2019. The Conference had approved the Delhi Declaration, which exhorted various parties to increase the access to energy of rural and urban communities in terms of projects aimed at tackling desertification, land degradation and drought.

Reduction in productive capacity of land and soil due to climate factors or human intervention is called land degradation. Desertification is the drying and barrenness of the land, which is caused by various factors in dry and semi-moist areas, including diverse climate and human activities.

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