Uttar Pradesh: Poison of Adulteration destroys the occasion of festival

Aug 01 2020 07:28 PM
Uttar Pradesh: Poison of Adulteration destroys the occasion of festival

Agra: Right now the time of festivals is going on in the country. Meanwhile, adulterants have become active on the occasion of festival in Agra. Adulteration is being found in many food items including milk, ghee, oil. The condition is that every other sample in the investigation is failing. The Food Safety and Drug Administration found 361 sample failures out of 738 samples last year. 47 samples were found to be fake.

In the Food Safety and Drug Administration investigation, samples of milk and its ingredients were found the most. Adulteration was found in 73 samples out of 166 milk products in 2019-20. Milk synthetic and ghee were found fake in it. The sample failed for 54 ingredients including betel nut, pan masala, salt, tea leaf, water, bread, bakery products. The color was found on the vegetable and wax was applied on the fruit.

This year, more than 140 samples failed out of 235. It also has other ingredients including milk, cheese, ghee, namkeen, oil, refined. In the report, 738 samples were found, 361 samples were failed, 298 samples were adulterated, 47 samples were fake, 16 miss brands were found. 73 samples of milk, 16 of khoya, 16 of cheese, 8 of ghee, 33 of mustard oil, 15 of refined oil, 15 of spices, 8 of pulses, 22 of sweets, and 26 samples of namkeen failed. Such cases are working to put the situation in more trouble, it is important to pay attention to these.

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