All the users are fans of Pokemon Masters, so many players connected in just 4 days!

Sep 10 2019 03:36 PM
All the users are fans of Pokemon Masters, so many players connected in just 4 days!

Pokemon Masters Game has just been launched just a week. The game was launched in 60 countries on all platforms. According to a report by Sensor Tower, the game has grossed a total of $ 26 million in its first week. If you look at the numbers of its revue, it is the second-best game of the Pokemon franchise.

After Pokemon Go, the game has grossed $ 56 million. A large part of the revenue came from Apple's App Store, which is 72 percent. At the same time, the rest goes to Google Play, which is 28 percent. The US is on the top of this list. The US has $ 4.5 million in name, which is 17 percent of the game's total revenue. It is followed by Hong Kong, Taiwan, and France.

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Apart from this, the game has also crossed the active player mark. The game has globally completed 10 million players mark in just 4 days of launch. Well, in the beginning, Pokemon Master has a better opening in the opening week than Pokemon Go. But it is also worth noting that Pokemon Go was initially launched in only 5 countries. At the same time, Pokemon Masters have been launched in 60 countries simultaneously. There is no such game in the latest free-to-play game, which is also around Pokemon Go.

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According to media reports, tell those who do not know, the Japanese mobile game maker DeNA- Mario Kart Tour, the franchisee behind games like Final Fantasy, has launched the mobile game Pokemon Masters, which came with the company Pokemon. In the Pokemon Masters game, players will meet some of the characters in the main series of the game, such as Misty and Brock and players will be able to pair them with other trainers. It is a free-to-play game and comes with additional in-game purchase options. The game also has the option of co-op mode. Players can also play games with two other friends in it.

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