Poland begin constructing on a border fence with Belarus

Poland has begun building of a 186-kilometer barrier along its border with Belarus, according to the Polish Border Guard.

According to news report, the project will cost 1.6 billion Polish zloty ($395 million). The construction began near the Mielnik Border Guard checkpoint. Budimex, a Polish construction company, has been tasked with erecting a 105.5-kilometer section of the barrier, while Unibep, another business, will construct the remaining 80.7 kilometres.

The barrier will be made up of five-meter-tall steel pillars that will support concrete slabs with electrified barbed wire atop them.

The barrier is being built in accordance with a border security statute that went into effect in October. In response to huge numbers of migrants attempting to enter into Poland from Belarus, it was passed by Poland's Parliament. By the end of June, the barrier should be completed.

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