Police: no new 'Partygate' investigations into UK's Johnson
Police: no new 'Partygate' investigations into UK's Johnson

London: The allegations that Boris Johnson violated Covid lockdown laws at the country home of the UK prime minister were not going to be the subject of another formal investigation, police said on Tuesday.

In May, police reported that they were looking into potential rule-breaking at Chequers involving Johnson, his family, and friends at a time when there were restrictions on social gatherings.

Other "potential breaches" of the laws that the government ordered the general populace to abide by were also evaluated at Downing Street.

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The events which are alleged to have occurred between June 2020 and May 2021, "do not meet the retrospective criteria for opening an investigation," the Thames Valley Police and London's Metropolitan Police said in a joint statement.

For hosting a number of gatherings at Downing Street during the pandemic, Johnson, 59, and more than 120 government officials previously received police fines.

His resignation in July of last year was influenced by the revelations, which shocked the public. He insisted that the most recent allegations were untrue.

A parliamentary committee recently found that Johnson repeatedly lied to lawmakers and was in contempt of the legislature, finding that he would have faced a 90-day suspension if he had continued to serve in the legislature.

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For the ruling Conservative party, the protracted "Partygate" scandal is far from over as the Met announced it was reopening an investigation into a Christmas party held at its party headquarters in December 2020.

The so-called "jingle and mingle" event featured Tory staffers dancing and drinking, as seen in photos and videos that were published in the British media.

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In December 2020, the Met announced that it would also begin an investigation into possible coronavirus regulations violations at parliament.
That is believed to be a reference to a bar event that a Tory member of the same parliamentary committee attended and which found Johnson guilty of repeatedly lying to the legislature about "Partygate."


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