Police opened handcuffs, criminal ran away

Bilaspur: A strange case has been heard in bilaspur district court today. A Bangladeshi prisoner was being taken to the district court for a central jail Bilaspur muscle here. When his handcuffs were opened, he ran away. The policemen also ran after him and caught him. The culprit has been admitted to the hospital after the incident as soon as the police caught him and fell unconscious to the ground. Reports say that the prisoner is originally from Bangladesh and his name is Imran. He is serving a sentence in a theft case in Bilaspur jail. He had a muscle on Tuesday, so along with other prisoners, he was also being taken from the jail premises to the district court.

The policemen took Imran inside the court for a muscle, then returned from there, and he had to handcuff another man for which they opened the handcuffs with his hand as soon as they opened the handcuffs, Imran tried to escape. It was then that the policemen also ran after him when he fell as soon as he ran away when the policemen caught him. In the meantime, his health deteriorated and he fainted. After which he was brought to the hospital, his condition is fine now. So, he has been sent back to jail.

People were shocked in the district court where it was found that there was a hue and cry in the district court premises as soon as the news of the undertrial prisoner fleeing. The lawyers were also questioning the safety of the theft accused. Meanwhile, lawyers and parties were also surprised to see the policemen fleeing. This led to chaos there. The policemen heaved a sigh of relief after the accused was caught.

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