Pongal: What happens after all Jallikattu, know the rules and traditions and controversies

Chennai: Events have started for the famous Jallikattu game to be held on the occasion of Makar Sankranthi in Tamil Nadu today i.e. Pongal festival. Let us tell you that the work of registration and medical test of bulls and players has also started ten days before the event to be held here today. Let us tell you that the Madurai area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTamil Nadu is the biggest center of Jallikattu and three places are most famous in that too. Number one in this is Jallikattu of Alankanallur, which foreign tourists also come to see. Let us also tell you that Jallikattu is also performed in Palamedu.

How to play Jallikattu - Jallikattu is a game to control the bulls. Yes, and specially trained bulls are released from a closed space, an army of outside players standing ready. During this, a large number of spectators gather outside the barricading to enjoy it. At the same time, as soon as the bull is released, he comes out running, people rush to catch him. During this the real task is to hold the hump of the bull and stop it and then remove the coin tied with cloth in the horn. However, controlling a spoiled and angry bull is not easy. During this, most people fail and many people get injured in this attempt. At the same time, many lives are also lost in this exercise. However, the passion of the players and spectators towards this game associated with tradition and adventure is amazing. Those who are victorious during this time get a reward.

Ancient tradition of Jallikattu- Let us tell you that Jallikattu is a purely rural sport, which is associated with the ancient tradition of Tamil Nadu. Yes, some people tell its history as two and a half thousand years old. The beginning of this game is said to be BC. 400-100, which is called the Tamil classical period. At the same time, experts of Tamil culture also say that this game was prevalent among the Iyers, who lived in a land called Mullai in Tamil Nadu, which is the present-day Madurai area. Here the coin is tied with the cloth in the bull's horn, it is in its origin. The word 'Jalli' is said to have been derived from the Tamil word 'salli' which means 'coin' and kattu means 'tied'. At the same time, there is a mention of the tradition of catching bulls as a form of marriage swayamvar in many places. Although once synonymous with valor and valor, this festival has now turned into a mere form of sports and entertainment. However, its craze among the Tamil people is tremendous.

Let us tell you that there is a special species of bulls participating in Jallikattu. Its rearers make it strong by feeding it a lot throughout the year. They are given special training when this festival approaches. At the same time, in the villages of Madurai, the work of getting the bulls done in the morning and evening is done. Yes and under this swimming is done daily in the big reservoir. Let us tell you that apart from this there is another special training which is called Mann kuthal in Tamil. Yes and in this the bulls dig the ground with their horns. This training is very specific and painstaking. During this, the trained bulls then undergo a medical test and then they are registered for Jallikattu. At the same time, the players participating in it also have to go through registration and medical test. Due to Covid, this time the rules are a little more strict.

Controversy happened many times - In the last few years, there was a dispute regarding Jallikattu and the matter reached the Supreme Court. In fact, on the appeal of an organization of animal lovers, the Supreme Court banned this game in 2014. During that time it was said that animals are tortured, hundreds of people are injured and many people lose their lives. However, citing tradition and belief, the whole of Tamil Nadu agitated against the decision. After that, people from common Tamilians to film and politics also rallied in favor of continuing Jallikattu. The CM met the Prime Minister and requested him to intervene. Not only this, but superstars from Rajinikanth to Kamal Haasan stood by the sentiment of the common people and finally through an ordinance, the tradition of the game was allowed to continue.

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