Pooja Bedi- 'Aryan got more punishment'
Pooja Bedi- 'Aryan got more punishment'

Actress Pooja Bedi is always seen in the headlines. She is known for her freely opinion. Pooja has also been in the news for her statements several times so far. Now she has recently made a statement after Aryan Khan was granted bail. In fact, Aryan khan has been granted bail by the Mumbai High Court in the drugs case. Many Bollywood celebs had congratulated Shah Rukh Khan on social media after Aryan got the bell so far. Pooja Bedi's name has now been figured in the same list. She had earlier tweeted supporting Aryan Khan.

Recently, the actress tweeted, 'If no drugs have been recovered from Aryan, then why has the innocent been kept in jail? Keeping him in jail for no reason can make him mentally weak. There is a need to change the law. Such a system will punish the innocent and make them criminals.' When asked about Aryan Khan's bail, Pooja Bedi said, "It is very unfortunate that this happens to Aryan or a child of the same age. The media, officials and the system did not show any responsibility with the young man.'' Not only that, he was imprisoned for weeks on behalf of a criminal without any information. Even after the bail was granted in such cases, the media showed his image with negativity.

"The youth need support and security.'' He said that we need to keep the youth of the country safe. We need to instil confidence in the youth about our laws, processes and media. She insisted on a fair hearing and said, "Punishment should always be given according to the crime committed." Aryan was got punished much. At the same time, she said, 'It is a shame for all those who joined the crowd and trolled. Celebrities and their children are also human beings, like others.''

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