Pooja Gor describes how it to do "I Can't Hear You" audio show

MUMBAI: Television Actress Pooja Gor of "Sasural Simar Ka," who is presently featured on the podcast "I Can't Hear You," talked about producing her first audio drama.

She said: "Radio was where I had my first audio experience. My mother and grandmother would frequently ask the radio station to be changed because my grandparents used to listen to the radio a lot. It significantly impacted my life. In fact, I had harboured ambitions to work as a radio jockey. I'm happy to have joined "I Can't Hear You" at this time. Podcasts are a natural progression for my work." Pooja has been in a number of TV episodes, online series, and films. But for her, hosting an audio show is a completely new experience.

She explains the distinctions between dubbing and podcasts as follows: "As actors, we perform a scenario using audio and film while adhering to the script. And all you have to do while dubbing is mimic the emotions. There, video plays a major part." "You can only use your voice for anything in podcasts. I think there are fresh obstacles with every media. To adapt to that format, you must learn a new strategy. I've discovered while producing this podcast that breathing in between words can also be an expression. Podcasts also use silence as a tactic." In the movie "I Can't Hear You," Pooja plays the role of an acoustic scientist named Dhvani.

Pooja discusses the two voices that have had a significant impact on her life. Voice is a powerful instrument for actors. "Amitabh Bachchan and Amrish Puri each have a strong voice in our profession. Their voices are unmatched by anyone." On the professional front, Pooja is looking forward to her upcoming endeavour, the comic crime thriller Netflix series "Guns & Gulaabs."

Gor said, "I am eagerly awaiting its publication." "It's a fun television show. Television is currently in a space where experimentation is not taking place. I've already done what is being provided, so I'm looking for something fresh."

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