Poonam Pandey crossed limits to win 'Lock Upp' show
Poonam Pandey crossed limits to win 'Lock Upp' show

Poonam Pandey, the famous actress of the entertainment world, has once again created a big ruckus. She has made bold promises to the fans as usual and has asked for a favour in return. As you know Poonam Pandey is seen in the reality show Lock-Upp. The show is nearing the finale. In such a situation, Poonam has urged the fans to secure her by voting heavily. But it didn't all stop here.  

Poonam Pandey has also decided to give fans a special treat in exchange for votes. Poonam Pandey said in the recent episode of Lock Upp that she will be nude on national television if she gets the most votes. Fearing to be out of the Lock Upp this weekend, Poonam Pandey has made this big promise. Poonam looked at the camera and said- If you give me a lot of votes, this time I will take off the T-shirt, maybe there will be no bra. This is Poonam Pandey's powerful statement. Now all the fans have their eyes on the weekend to see what Poonam Pandey does.

By the way, this big promise made by Poonam Pandey to the fans on national television, how much this big promise helps them to keep them in the show, it will be known in the upcoming episodes. Poonam Pandey has not made such a bold promise to her fans for the first time. She's made such promises before. In the Lock Upp, Poonam had earlier promised fans to be topless in exchange for votes. Then when Kangana Ranaut secured Poonam in the weekend, Poonam took off the top. But because she was wearing a bra, she didn't fully live up to her promise.

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