Poonam Pandey said in Raj Kundra case- 'When I did not sign the contract, leaked my number'

Raj Kundra is the most talked-about stuff these days. In fact, he has been accused of making porn films and showing them through some apps and he has been arrested on the same charge. Poonam Pandey has now made several revelations in the case. Recently model Poonam Pandey said, 'He was forcibly asked to sign a contract and was also threatened when he refused.' Talking to a famous website, Poonam said, "I was threatened and forced to sign a contract in which I had to shoot and pose according to him, as he would like, otherwise he would leak my personal things.''

At the same time, Poonam also said, 'When I refused to sign the contract and asked me to finish my contract, she leaked my number with a message that calls me, I will strip for you. I remember I got many calls after that, that was too late at night. People respond wrong to me, send me objectionable messages and videos. I left my house. I was afraid that something would go wrong with me.''

Poonam has also asked those who have passed through all this to come forward. Poonam said, 'My lawyer refused to give me any statement, but I am still speaking because if this can happen to me, I don't know what will happen to the rest of the people, so all those who are suffering should come forward and fight for themselves.'

Let me tell you all that earlier when Raj was arrested, Poonam had said, 'My heart is very emotional about Shilpa Shetty and her two children at the moment. I can't imagine what they're suffering at the moment, so I won't highlight my pain and discomfort. But I will tell you that in 2019, I filed a complaint against Raj Kundra and filed a fraud and theft case against him in the Bombay High Court. The matter is under investigation, so I cannot tell much about it. I have full faith in the police and our law.'

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