Poorna is the name of which river in the Mahabharata era?

Question- Which region of Madhya Pradesh is known as Wheat Dhaliya?

Answer – Malwa plateau

Question- Which is the largest Rift Valley of India?

Answer – Valley of Narmada

Question- What is the height of Maihar hill?

Answer – 527 meters

Question- Jabera Stupa is the type of drainage system of Madhya Pradesh?

Answer – annular pattern

Question- Which is called the island of Betwa?

Answer – Deogarh

Question- What type of river is Chambal?

Answer – impeded river

Question- From where did the Betwa river originate?

Answer- From Kumra village of Raisen

Question- Which is the highest waterfall of Madhya Pradesh?

Answer – Chachai Falls (130 m or 430 ft)

Question- Where did the Wainganga river originate?

Answer- From Rajolatal near Mundara village of Paraswara plateau (Seoni)

Question- How many tributaries are there of Narmada river?

Answer- 41

Question- When was the Namami Devi Narmade program started?

Answer – 11 December 2016 from Amarkantak

Question- Which is the most polluted river of Madhya Pradesh?

Answer – Betwa

Question- When was the Narmada Kshipra Link Project started?

Answer – On 21st November 2012

Question- Which river of Madhya Pradesh flows parallel to the Tropic of Cancer?

Answer – Narmada River

Question- Chambal, Kali Sindh and Parvati rivers flow in which region of Madhya Pradesh?

Answer – Malwa plateau region

Question- Which river is Bhedaghat waterfall near Jabalpur?

Answer – Narmada

Question- What is the total length of Narmada river?

Answer – 1312 km

Question- On which river was the Baan Sagar Dam built?

Answer – Son river

Question- At which place in Madhya Pradesh three rivers have their origin within two kilometers?

Answer – Amarkantak

Question- Mandhat and Dardi Falls are on which river?

Answer – Narmada

Question- Which river of Madhya Pradesh crosses the Tropic of Cancer twice?

Answer – Mahi

Question- Where does the Pench river originate?

Answer – From the mountains of Junnardev of Chhindwara district

Question- Triveni Ghat situated in Ujjain of Madhya Pradesh is the confluence of which rivers?

Answer – Kanh and Kshipra

Question- Poorna is the name of which river in the Mahabharata era?

Answer – Chambal River

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