If you are taking a Yatra to Jagannath Rathyatra than hurry up and check the nearby hotel list

Jul 14 2018 08:57 AM
If you are taking a Yatra to Jagannath Rathyatra than hurry up and check the nearby hotel list

Over a million devotees participated in the religious RathyatrafromJagannath temple to Gundicha temple in Puri that is situated in Odisha. According to Hindi calendar, the Yatra commenced on Asadha Shukla Dwitiya. Deities of God Jagannath (Vishnu avatar), Balabhadra(his brother), and Subhadra (his sister) are carried on the well-embellished chariot that every year get prepared with the help of devotees'enthusiastic contribution. The Gundicha temple is the destination where the Gods spend their vacation, as per the ancient times' learnings.

The procession witnessed people from all around the world as it has a great preference in their life and the rituals that they followed. The festival also profited the hotels in Puri as the worshipers book the rooms in extra so that there will not be any problem. If you have planned to take part in the religious event than hurry and book your accommodation. There are some hotels that you can find at a short distance from the Jagannath temple:

Hotel Pushpa

If you want a sense of relief with the feel of spirituality than this hotel will be a great choice as it’s just 280 meters away from the famous golden beach of Puri and for attending the procession you just have to travel 1 km. WiFi facility will also contribute to making your journey comfortable in this three-star hotel.

Hotel Niladri

With the above facilities, this hotel adds up to your experience with the massage facility in your tiredness. Twenty four hours of desk assistance will provide you a luxurious feel.

Mayfair Waves hotel

The five-star luxurious hotel can be located at Chitkara Road, Puri. Fitness center, a spa, wellness center, and enjoyment at private beach provided the hotel will motivate you to spend some more days in the Puri.

Puri Beach Resort

The name itself is screaming that there is a speculator view of the well famous beach of new marine drive that you can witness from your room's windows only. Restaurant and parking facilities are some add up to enhance your experience in the three-star hotel.

The procession will mark its start on 14tu July and there must be a huge queue of devotees who are searching for the accommodation. So, before the hotel get houseful reach to the state book your hotel and be a volunteer to decorate the chariot for deities' memorable journey with their worshipers.

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