Porsche develops one app for all vehicle-related services

The luxury carmaker Porsche has revamped its smartphone digital services, combining My Porsche Essentials, Connect App, and Car Connect App into one app named My Porsche. Recently the carmaker additional applications, such as Porsche Charging and Porsche - Good to Know, will be consolidated in the coming months, according to the business. Porsche claims that by consolidating the whole range of services and information in a single app, it would make it easier for consumers to use. From the 2016 model year forward, the new app will be compatible with Porsche automobiles.

The app will display essential vehicle parameters and may also be used to operate some systems through a remote control. According to the company, it will assist the driver with charging processes, contacting their dealer, scheduling servicing appointments, and answering concerns regarding the vehicle.

My Porsche app will have a range of features for Porsche vehicles with conventional, hybrid, and all-electric powertrains. It will display the user's current fuel levels before starting the charge procedure, according to Porsche. As soon as the vehicle is connected to the app, the driver will receive notifications about the vehicle's state, such as the fuel or charge level, current miles, position, trip data, and VTS tracking system settings.

Through the app, users can also access digital operating manuals and supporting videos.

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