Porsche's electric Macan will be powered by 450

Berlin: The first technical details for the upcoming all-electric Macan have been confirmed by Porsche. The all-wheel-drive electric SUV will naturally have one electric motor per axle. Now that the initial information about the battery and charging power has come.

The battery will undoubtedly be made of prismatic cells as the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) will use VW Group's standard cells. As is well known, the developers have chosen for this purpose a prismatic housing, allowing the installation of different cell chemistries depending on the section.

There is currently no information available about Macan's cell chemistry. There's talk of an energy content of 100 kWh, though it's not clear whether it's gross or net, according to media reports citing statements made by Porsche representatives at a Macan preview event.

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Additionally, it is already known that the battery is rated for a system voltage of 800 volts and that peak charging performance is aimed at 270 kW DC, which is at least on par with the Taycan.

However, due to the Macan's slightly larger battery, it should charge faster than 25 minutes; Porsche estimates that the Taycan charges in 22.5 minutes. According to the latest reports, the so-called "bank charge" is a unique feature:

The battery is divided into two "banks" of 400 volts if the charging station can only handle 400 volts (like the wallbox at home), allowing two 400-volt batteries to be charged more quickly internally in parallel Could

Such charging techniques are not only intended to increase "travel time efficiency", as Porsche has also increased the effectiveness of the electric drive system. The PPE electric vehicle will still have permanently excited synchronous motors (PSM), one for each axle as is the case with the Taycan.

The magnets in the PSM's rotor have been rearranged to improve power density and efficiency, but they also undergo significant modifications. In addition, silicon carbide was used in place of silicon semiconductors in power electronics.

At present, the system output is to be 450 kW. The report doesn't clarify whether the front electric motor could be shut off mechanically, like the Taycan's clutch, or electronically, using "zero-torque control".

However, information is available about the rear drive unit, and it is rumored that the top model will feature an electronically controlled differential to enhance agility. The Taycan's two-speed gearbox is no longer mentioned.

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Of course, some of these points, particularly with regard to battery and charging, also apply to PPE sister model the Audi Q6 e-tron. The PSM powertrain will also be used by Audi, although probably at slightly different power levels.

The Macan will be positioned as a bit sportier and more dynamic in terms of SUVs, while the Q6 e-tron will be tuned more towards travel comfort and everyday living, similar to the twins Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT, which share We do. J1 platform.

So, even though it is reportedly yet to be decided, both the models will differ in some specific solutions. For example, the decision of whether Audi will use an electronically controlled differential is still up in the air.

Additionally, Porsche will add rear-axle steering with a five-degree steering angle for agility. To free up the space needed for installation, a patent application for an "integrated power box" – a unit that combines the onboard AC charger, high-voltage heater and DC/DC converter – has possibly been filed. However, Audi could use the extra room for a bigger boot and all-wheel steering system.

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However, until the two models are formally presented, the data isn't final, and there's no way to know for sure. Additionally, the report didn't go into much detail about the software, which has pushed back production until 2024, at least for the Macan.

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