Posters of 'Aurangzeb Urinal' on public toilets in Indore, police investigating

Indore: After the Gyanvapi controversy going on across the country, it has also been heard in the Indore city of Madhya Pradesh. Posters of Aurangzeb urinals were put up on public toilets here. When the incident reached the officers, the posters were removed. Actually, the Gyanvapi case of Varanasi is in the headlines all over the country these days.

The matter between the same mosque and temple is in the court and is being discussed all over the country. A few days ago it was also claimed in Ujjain that there is a temple of Lord Shri Ganesh and Shiva in the present mosque of Danigate. After this, a new case came up in Indore city. Two days ago some people pasted posters of Aurangzeb Urinal outside the public accessible complex.

It is being said that such posters have been put up at about 40 to 50 places, but it could not be known who pasted the posters. When the news of this incident reached the concerned, the posters were removed, but in some places, posters were also put up on Sundays. Now it is being said that these posters should be removed at all places. However, this incident has not reached the police nor has anyone complained about it. Police said that if anyone complains, they will take action.

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